Welcome to the world of Impersia. A world not just of land and water but of dimensions and time. Some rooms set in med-evil times while others in a place and time of there own.
We are a collection of stories and adventure set in rooms owned and operated by people much like you. Who have grown weary of endless arguments out of character. The Clashing of egos. God like characters who have no restraints. People who have tired of walking in to the same setting night after night in a chat room hoping dearly for some thing interesting to happen. People who want the freedom of free form role-play chat, but also desire the structure and goals of Dungeons and Dragons. A place of simple rules that wont hold back your imagination but a game that makes the use of god like creatures absolutely impossible. ............ BUT above all desire to have fun simply playing a game and being creative. This is the core of Impersia.
This site works of a basic idea. The freedom of free form role play chat. Able to post what ever your mind might be able to create, just like free form role play turn based chat and the use of dice like Dungeons and Dragons. The rules and use of dice and the creation of a character are posted under rules. Almost any character can be used here. Even races that you have invented yourself. Except one type. Gods. Once you read the rules you will be quick to see that even trying to play a god here would be pointless.
  Here we love to role play chat as a team. The players versus the game Master and his NPC bad guys. Playing out a story line that the Game Master has come up with. Just like Dungeons and Dragons only the rules are greatly simplified. Lots of action and changing scenary. Your character becoming more and more skilled the more he/she is     played. With times of leasure mixed in with the game.